Mid-Year Assessment of the Risks and Opportunities for U.S. Wireless Industry – It’s All About Data

If you missed our analyst call on Wednesday with Roger Entner, Peter Rysavy and Avi Greengart you can listen in now! Topics discussed included 5G network deployment, the future of smartphones in a 5G world, cloud computing, use cases for artificial intelligence, and more!

What to Listen For:

“Even though the opportunity to connect to 5G today is limited – it’s amazing that we can connect to 5G at all. Because when we started working on the standards we weren’t expecting any deployment until 2020. So we’re actually a year ahead of schedule which is remarkable for the complexity.” – Peter Rysavy, Rysavy Research

On the benefit of advancements in AI and AR technology: “If you’re trying to wire up an airplane, having a heads up display where it can show you how to wire up the airplane in real time, with overlays of what you’re seeing and what you should be seeing…the return on investment is crazy high. It’s so high in fact, that in that particular use case, Boeing and Airbus are willing to develop these systems in-house, building their own custom software, in some cases building their own custom hardware.” – Avi Greengart, Techsponential

“Another topic that’s going to be really interesting is the whole convergence issue of telecommunications with content…70% of wireless usage is video, and so video becomes more and more important and some of the more obscure things that nobody paid attention to will become much more prevalent. For example, the STELAR re-authorization.” – Roger Entner, Recon Analytics

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