Global Communication Service Provider Pulse

Program Overview

Quarterly surveys of communication service providers

  • 100 different service providers across 4 different regions
    • North America 10
    • Western Europe 40
    • Asia 35
    • Middle East 15
  • Respondents will have decision making or influencer roles
  • Each survey will be focused on a single selected topic
  • Survey research topics include:
    • Telco digital transformation
    • Mobile network investment plans
    • API strategies
    • Cloud service provider strategies
    • AI use cases and adoption by communication service providers
    • Green goals and importance it plays in vendor partnerships

Deliverables include

  • Standard plan = 4 surveys/year; Deluxe plan = 8 surveys/year
  • Report and analyst presentation on key survey findings
  • In-depth CSP interviews covering on each survey topic
  • Survey data delivered in Tableau format
  • Up to four hours of analyst inquiry time per quarter

Program Benefits

For Vendors

  • Better understanding of CSP investment and service strategy roadmaps
  • CSP insights into vendor requirements and preferences
  • Go to market strategies

For Communication Service Providers

  • Benchmarking against peers
  • Insights into other CSPs’ current focus areas and plans
  • Vendor guidance

For Early Subscribers

  • First subscriber can pick 1 to 2 survey topics and 2 to 4 proprietary
  • questions during first 12 months based on level of commitment
  • Second subscriber can pick 2 to 4 proprietary questions during
    first 12 months based on level of commitment

For more information please contact:
Daryl Schoolar
Analyst & Director, Recon Analytics

Sample Tableau Dashboard

Download a sample report